• Buhler is an engineering group active in the design and construction of plant and equipment through the world.
  • Since 1860 the main activity to the construction of flour mills, and thanks to its strong market position soon conquered the world’s markets. This was followed by the expansion of its line of products to other markets.
  • Buhler has been certified to ISO 9001 since 1993, and in 1996 its Swiss manufacturing facilities were awarded an environment Management Certificate according to ISO 14001.

  • Agromatic is worldwide unique with its extensive manufacturing range; Nowhere you will find a larger range of electronic control equipment for mills, feed mills, food industry and grain silos.
  • It controls more than 1000 silo plants or about 12 million tons of grain world-wide with an annual growth of approx 100 systems.

  • Security for the user.
  • Operational reliability.
  • Theft protection for parked vehicles.
  • Unbeatable speed of the system.
  • Minimum ground space requirements.
  • Flexible handling.

Multi-form has over 20  years of experience and quality to merit a place among the leaders in the European fitness and gyms Market.

  • kazrouni is one of the oldest, well known and most respected brand names in the Middle East,Since opening the doors of its Persian Carpet Business over a century ago.
  • Kazrouni name has become synonymous with the very highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.
  • In 1985, Kazrouni expanded its operations into another area of the Fabric world with the introduction of socks by applying the same successful blend of design expertise, state of the art technology and superiority.
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