IGAT is a fast growing company, through its short history in the market,

it has established a well-respected name becoming the agent/ representatives for reputable multinational companies throughout the globe.

I GAT is an Egyptian limited liability company that was established in June 2000.

Our Mission of Statement

IGAT provides, with highest integrity, a full range of services that ensure that the products we represent are well percept by the target market.
IGAT has set the mission to support customers in maximizing effectiveness and productivity in both short and long terms’.
IGAT anticipates and fulfills its customers’ needs at a high level of professionalism and service quality.
I GAT Customer confidence, satisfaction and fidelity motivate it to continued success.
IGAT high standards in services have overtime proved to be the best possible means of achievement and delivering at reasonable time periods.

Our Team and Staff

A staff of 21 permanent employees, everyone of our members excels with individual talents that make each an indispensable part of a great effort in team work.
our staff are proud to be part of a IGAT group which pursues a policy of total quality of service and quality of implementation .
Our Staff is active, motivated and committed with an entrepreneurial mentality as we are working in an innovative environment to deliver high quality performance.
Our experienced staff are dedicated to provide services and products to customers in a quality assured manner.

Our commitment

The commitment of I GAT towards its mission generates a feeling of belonging to the customers’ business.
The commitment guarantees customers the highest degree of confidentiality and maximum benefit of our services and products.

Fields Of Activities

Aiming to provide professional and up to date support to customers, I GAT diversified its activities to include different fields, which when integrated achieve strong and rapid progress of the market. These activities are:
• Import, export.
• Commercial Agencies in Egypt:
I GAT is considered an Agent for several Multinational Companies in the Egyptian Market, these companies include:
1. BUHLER Group.
2. Agromatic.
3. GERHARD SANGE (Parking Tower).
4. Multiform Company.
• local manufacturing, distribution of raw materials, spare parts, and consumable products.
• marketing and promoting its products in Egypt and Middle East region
• Promoting and marketing some of the well-known Egyptian products for export.
I GAT is also Export representative for Kazroni for textile.

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