• I GAT is an Egyptian limited liability company established in Nov. 1999. I GAT is a fast growing company, through its short history in the market; it has established a well-respected name.

IGAT Mission :

• To provide, with highest integrity, a full range of consuling services that ensures satisfaction of our customers in the form of tangiable value.

• To support customers in maximizing profitability, efficiency, effectiveness and productivity in short, medium and long terms.

• To anticipate and fulfill customers’ needs at a high level of professionalism and service quality.

IGAT Management :

• Committed itself to business progress while keeping its innovative spirits to enforce global market leadership in many fields and merit its customer preference.

• Adopting new strategies within the globalization movement to exceed and excel within the current rapidly changing business environment


• A total of 5 permanent consultants in addition to 15 Freelancers covering a wide range of services that our customers may need assistance with (i.e. Strategy, Performance, Financial, Accounting, Cost Efficiency, Auditing, Marketing, Sales, Collection and Human Resources).

• Our staff is proud to be part of the group, which pursues a policy of total quality of service and quality of implementation.

• Our Staff is active, self-motivated and committed with an entrepreneurial mentality as we are working in an innovative environment to deliver high quality performance.

IGAT Commitment :

Our commitment guarantees the highest degree of confidentiality and maximum benefit of our services and products to our clients.

Fields Of Activities

• Aiming to provide professional and up to date support to customers, I GAT diversified its activities to include different fields, which when integrated achieve strong and rapid progress for our customers. These activities are:

1- Strategy:

• Strategy development.
• Strategy formulation.
• Strategy restructuring.
• Strategic alliances Evaluation.
• Innovative strategies Incorporation.
• Strategy review and alignment.
• Mergers and acquisition synergy strategy

2- Performance:

• Performance improvement.
• Process review and improvement.
• Process development.
• Functional efficiency
• Organizational performance assessment.

3- Human Resources

• Designing and aligning Organization structures.
• Developing and implementing Human Resources policies and procedures manuals
• Training and supervision
• Assisting with recruitment
• Secondments for various executive positions
• Business Management
• Human Resources Management
• Special assignments

4- Financial, Accounting and Auditing Services:

• Designing and implementing accounting systems
• Software selection
• Assistance with bookkeeping
• Developing, documenting and implementing Policies and Procedures Manuals for Accounting, Budgeting, Costing, Procurement, Inventory, Internal Audit and controls as well as Reporting.
• Due diligence
• Business Valuations
• Pre acquisition investigations
• Business investigations
• Feasibility studies
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Inspection and investigations related to commercial and financial contractual obligations
• Business planning
• Cost reduction / control

5- Marketing:

• Marketing planning
•Product planning
•Market share review
•Market studies

6- Sales:

•Sales planning
•Sales process review
•Bonus schemes

6- Collection:

•Collection planning
•Collection process review
•Collection process improvement
•Bonus schemes

IGAT References

IGAT extended its services to cover a wide rage of business activities in Egypt, Africa & Gulf regions. IGAT has extensive experience in the following business areas:

• Industrial Sector
• Commercial companies
• Banking Sector and Financial institutes
• Precious metals, stones & accessories
• Trading
• Consulting firms
• Contracting and Constructions
• Travel & Hospitality (including resorts, hotels and travel agents).
• Health care
• Pharmaceuticals
• Information Technology
• Real Estate

A reference list of clients is available upon request and our clients concent.

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